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One on One Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Whether you’re feeling a pull to deepen your practice, craving new teachings, feeling uninspired, experiencing a roadblock or perhaps you feel something was missing from your 200hr. 

I have created this program to be a useful and relatable resource for any yoga teacher to add to their toolbox. 


We will dive deeper into how to create a class that truly connects your heart to your students. A class that feels well balanced, allows you to express exactly who you are and what you’re wanting to share, whilst remaining aligned energetically and physically in the body. 


A little insight to what will be covered:

  • Breaking down a class 

  • Sequencing template

  • Energetic Alignement

  • Anatomical Alignment

  • The WHY to every element

  • Theming from the Heart

  • Pranayama & Meditation

  • The Experience of a class

  • Chakras

  • Purposeful and Simple Cueing

  • Creative Sequencing

  • Subtle & Causal Body

  • Sadhana & what that truly means

Plus much more.


This can be offered both 3 packs or 5 packs.


The 5 week program will consist of 5 x 60 min live sessions either in person or via zoom.

The 3 pack will work on requested topics rather than follow the 5 week program.

Either way, these sessions will be 1:1 so can be personalised to your interests, needs and questions. 

3 pack Mentoring Sessions $450

5 pack Mentoring Program $650

Apply Now to join Rach and start infusing some real magic into your teachings and yourself. 

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